Production of molds for canisters, bottles, flasks

Are you searching for mold for canisters, bottles, barrels and blow molded plastic parts?We specialize in the production of high-performance extrusion blow molds for the packaging and chemical industries from 100ml up to barrels with a volume of 220 liters. Basically, our customers choose the molds for canisters with a volume of 3 and 5 liters, 10 liters and 20 liters, as well as molds for bottles with a volume of 500 ml – 1 liter.PPF Company was founded in 2008. However, we have been supplying equipment for the plastics industry since 2000.Our blow molding design experience dates back to the early days of plastics processing 20 years ago.

We offer highly efficient solutions for a wide range of shape, material and design requirements. Modern design and manufacturing techniques such as in-mold labeling and material processing technology CoEx.

We are located in a business park, 5 minutes from the seaport and 10 minutes from the highway Odesa – Kyiv (М-05 Е-95). In addition, you can reach the super-center of Odesa by car in 8 minutes.

Our design development department consists of product designers, mold engineers and CAM engineers. There are also master engineers who perfectly calibrate your machines on site to get the most out of your mold and set up optimal cycle time.

Our work is considered completed only if the customer has the finished product in his hands.

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