About company

Polymer Products Factory

PPF is a leading family-owned company in Ukraine for the production of plastic jerrycans and bottles.
Twenty years of experience in the plastic packaging sector and the know-how developed by our employees are the core values of our company.
PPF is one of the etalon companies in Ukraine in the field of industrial plastic packaging and your reliable partner in continuous development.

Our packaging is made from the best polymer materials and the state of the art equipment to offer you the highest quality.

Our plastic canisters and bottles are approved according to the most stringent European Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations (ADR) and are suitable for food contact.

The technologies we use are: Injection Molding, Extrusion Blow Molding and ISBM.
We offer a unique and comprehensive service.

Over 120 types of products, ready for shipment in a short time.

Development and production of individual packaging for the needs of your company.