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Plastic jerrycans are containers of polymeric materials that can be used to store and transport a variety of liquid and granular substances. Canisters usually have a volume of 1 to 50 liters and can be made from various types of plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and others.

Features and characteristics of plastic jerrycans

Plastic canisters are lightweight, which makes them easy to use and carry. They have high tensile and bending strength, which makes them reliable to use. Canisters are equipped with special lids and handles for easy use and carrying.

Tanks ensure the safety of the contents due to their tightness. Chemical canisters are resistant to most chemicals, which makes them suitable for storing and transporting various liquids. Plastic jerrycans in bulk are less expensive than jerrycans made of other materials such as metal or glass.

Using plastic jerrycans

Plastic canisters are used in various industries and agriculture to store and transport various liquid and granular substances such as:

oils and fluids for cars;
plant protection products;
chemicals and solutions;
detergents and cleaning agents;
food additives and ingredients;
industrial waste.

Plastic jerrycans in bulk can be purchased for storing and transporting various liquids and chemicals such as oils, gasoline, diesel fuel, industrial solvents, antifreeze and others. They can also be used to store food products such as water, juices and other beverages. Plastic jerrycans in bulk from the manufacturer are highly durable, resistant to shocks, leakproof and easy to use thanks to the presence of a handle for carrying. In addition, plastic canisters are easy to wash and can be recycled after use, making them more environmentally friendly than traditional metal canisters.

Auto chemical canisters in bulk

Auto chemical canisters are plastic containers that are used to store and transport various liquids and lubricants used in the automotive industry. They can be of different volumes, ranging from a few liters to 20-30 liters and more.

Such jerrycans are made of high-strength plastic materials, which provide the necessary strength and protection against aggressive chemicals. Jerry cans for auto chemicals in bulk have a special shape and design that allows convenient storage and transportation in the car, as well as to use for quick and accurate dosing of liquids.

Buy canisters in bulk can be used to store and transport motor oil, transmission, cooling, brake and other automotive fluids. Chemical canisters in bulk are widely used in the automotive industry, auto repair shops, gas stations and other areas that require storage and transportation of liquids under high load and aggressive environment. They have a high degree of tightness that protects chemical products from moisture, air and other external factors, allowing them to retain their properties and quality for a long time.

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