New Injection molding machine Yizumi, FF series full electric

In June 2024, the company “Polymer Products Factory” in the city of Odessa launched an advanced injection molding machine from the well-known manufacturer Yizumi.

The small model of the 160-ton series FF represents innovative equipment that provides increased injection speed, improved precision, and molding stability through the use of advanced servo drive control technologies.

This innovation in the production of plastic products promises to significantly increase the efficiency of the molding process and the quality of the finished products. Advantages of the new Yizumi injection molding machine The new Yizumi series FF injection  molding machine stands out not only for its efficiency but also for a number of other advantages. The control system using servo drives allows the enterprise not only to strengthen its position in the market, but also to expand its capabilities in the production of innovative plastic products. This system enables the achievement of maximum precision and stability in plastic molding. As a result, the equipment’s productivity is significantly increased, and the possibility of defects is minimized. Thus, the “Polymer Products Plant” company can expect not only an increase in production volume, but also cost savings through the optimization of the molding process. The latest technologies used in Yizumi thermoplastic molding machines also contribute to a reduction in molding cycle time, which in turn increases the overall productivity of the workshop and allows for a prompt response to changes in the market situation. Moreover, the ergonomic design and ease of maintenance make the operation of this equipment convenient and efficient for the enterprise’s employees.

The launch of the new Yizumi injection molding machine was a significant event for the “Polymer Products Plant” company, providing access to advanced plastic molding technologies and increasing competitiveness in the market. Improved efficiency, high production quality, and resource savings make this equipment an indispensable tool in the production process.

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