Our capacities include injection molding, extrusion blow molding and reheat blow molding.  Our packaging components range from plastic materials including PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, and PVC, as well as glass wide mouth and glass narrow neck containers.   In our ongoing effort to offer an A to Z packaging solution, we also offers high-quality screen printing and labeling, shrink sleeving, heat transfer and pressure sensitive sleeving.  PPF – also manufacture and distribute a wide range of closures. We carry over 250 molds in inventory and use FDA resins.

Polyethylene canisters with a reinforced body, which are suitable for placement on Euro pallets and stacking. Eurocanisters. Compact storage. For alcohol, oil, aggressive liquids, food and more. From us you can buy plastic canisters in bulk from 1 to 30 L. In addition to ready-made solutions, we accept individual orders. We carry out the full production cycle, from design to certification and release. To find out more about the products and place an order, leave a request on the website (click on “Get wholesale prices”, fill out the fields and submit the order) or call us. We will advise you free of charge, help you with the choice, and deliver containers in any quantity and on time. Let’s support your business!


Lightweight, yet durable, with a reinforced body, suitable for stacking, filled with both food and non-food, chemical liquids. Canisters made of low-density polyethylene – Euro canisters – also boast the possibility of repeated use and recycling, operation without harm to the environment. Among other advantages, we note:

  • High tightness;
  • Reliability under loads;
  • Resistance to aggressive environments, non-toxic, safe to use;
  • Dielectric properties;

Reliable, durable, sealed, environmentally friendly, compact storage. These are the canisters we produce and supply to food, chemical, petrochemical, paint and varnish and other industries. In addition to the standard lid, we equip the containers with an overpressure valve and an induction sealing seal. Another plus is the wide possibilities for individualization.

Polymer Products Factory ( PPF ) -CANISTERS TO ORDER

In addition to a wide variety of ready-made solutions (Сastro, Classic, Stambul, Ultra, Euro V, Euro , Euro Vent, of various volumes), we carry out individual orders. We manufacture and supply PPF canisters according to your parameters:

  • Color of body and caps;
  • Embossed logo on the body;
  • Shape and weight;
  • Information on the cap;
  • Neck sealing;
  • Company logo on the neck.

We change the color of the canister and cap, apply an embossed logo to the body, take into account the weight and shape of the product, apply your information to the lid and neck, install the membrane. We produce in a short time and deliver containers that are ideal for a specific production. More information about products and individualization – at the website and by phone. Eurocanisters from a Ukrainian manufacturer with delivery throughout Ukraine – PPF. Leader in the market of polyethylene transport packaging.

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