25L UN White Stackable Jerry Can With Din51 T/E Cap

Polymer Products Factory is a Ukrainian producer of plastic containers  pet bottles, pet preform ,canisters, jerry can, bottles, dispensers, and  pet wine bottles.

The 25L UN White Stackable Jerry Can With Din51 T/E Cap from Polymer Plastic Factory, Odessa ,Ukraine

The container is manufactured from the highest quality high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, resulting in a lightweight, robust can. The neutral white color and large flat sides offer the perfect blank canvas for your company branding and labelling.

This stackable jerry can is UN-approved, tested and approved to carry a range of hazardous materials, as well as being food grade approved. This lightweight, robust container is a popular choice for storing and transporting a range of products. This includes car cleaning solutions, fuels and oils, chemicals, healthcare and medical solutions. This product bundle comes with a DIN51 T/E Cap, which gives you reassurance that the contents of the can haven’t been tampered with since production.

If you need your packaging delivered in quantities to suit your business just when you need them, we can help. Take advantage of our economies of scale and just in time supply chains – regardless of your order size. Buy as few as one unit at a great price! If you’re buying in bulk, we’ll automatically apply a large discount to your order at the checkout. We do advise all customers to undertake product testing before committing to large volumes. If you have any specific questions regarding our products, please contact our customer service team.

Price Includes DIN51 Tamper Evident Screw Cap

The DIN51 is a quality chemical industry approved tamper evident screw cap with liner. The ridged sides provides a better grip and allow for a tighter fit. Once screwed onto the jerry can, the tamper evident band has to be broken to be removed. It’s a reliable closure for hazardous chemicals, oils, household cleaning solutions etc. For an extra tight fit you can purchase a tightening tool here – which is great for unscrewing over-tightened caps. too!

Product Summary

    • Price is for the 25L UN White Stackable Jerry Can With Din51 T/E Cap
    • You can purchase extra compatible DIN51 T/E screw caps available
    • Other sizes include our 5L, 10L and 25L and 30 stackables
    • Other colours in our 25 Litre range include: Grey, Black and Blue. Shop the range here

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